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Pregnancy symptoms week by week

Pregnancy symptoms week by week … in this period of time, a lot will happen. Your body will go through changes and there will be a new person growing inside of you. As the pregnancy symptoms week by week goes by, the anticiapation grows and you can feel the excitement of wanting to know whats happening inside of your warm belly. But you should be prepared for early signs, change in lifestyle, maternal discomforts, baby’s growth and going for prenatal tests.
Pregnancy symptoms week by week gives you milestones you will pass from conceiving till delivery. You should learn of what will happened during your pregnancy symptoms week by week, and the body changes that will happen and how your emotions and feelings will change.
The baby will grow and develop, and therefore there are tests to be done and some complications that you should know about. Pregnancy symptoms week by week is said to be a very enjoyable time in a woman’s life where you will take on the responsibility of developing a new life inside of your womb.
Mainting a week by week calendar is my advice to you, a week by week calendar can help you a lot. You can also look at what you should eat and focusing on nutrition’s, because during your pregnancy you are eating for two persons.
The length of pregnancy or gestation period usually is 38 weeks in the womb, but sometimes this can be around 40 weeks, which is also rather normal. This is because the pregnancy time is counted from the very first day of your last period, and thus not the day of conception which occurs two weeks later.
A fun fact to know is that the inherited characteristics and gender of your baby are decided at the moment of conception.
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*Conception is when a woman’s ovum and a man’s sperm is fertilized
Pregnancy week by week: These are the important Week by week milestones with changes for the mother and the growth of baby:

Week 1

This is the week of your menstrual period. The date of the expected delivery is calculated from the first day of your last period. So this week is part of your 40 week gestation.

Week 2

Fertilization of your egg by sperm

Week 3

30 hours cell split in two- three days later cell i.e. zygote divides into 16 cells, two days- zygote migraines from fallopian tube to uterus. Seven days zygote burrows into uterine lining and zygote now is blastocyst.

Week 4

The baby is at this moment more tiny than a grain of sand, but cells are rapidly dividing for process of forming the body systems.

Week 5

Evolving of the neural tube for the reason of becoming the central nervous system.

Week 6

The baby is now an embryo which means its secretes special hormones to prevent the mother from having her menstrual periods.

Week 7

Heart beats! Development of placenta and amniotic sac. Placenta buries into uterine wall to access nutrients and oxygen from blood of mother.

Week 8

Head large and spinal cord looks like tail

Week 9

Eyes, tongue and mouth forming, tiny muscles make embryo move around and blood cells are made by liver.

Week 10

Now its fetus- has hand and feet with growing of fingers and toes and now kiddo is becoming brain active with brain waves

Week 11

Heart gets stronger

Week 12

Go for combined test- maternal test and ultrasound of baby for checking out health of baby and looking if he has no Down syndrome or major disabilities

Week 13

Baby swims vigoursly

Week 14

Eyelids closed for full development of eyes, baby also do cry inside, may be suck thumb and nails grow on fingers and toes.

Week 16

Maternal serum screening for routine check up and knowing if there are any birth defects. Ultrasound for abnormalities, multiple pregnancies and position of placenta. Eyebrows and eyelash appears and a hiccough is observed and baby now has taste buds.

Week 20

Ears function as baby hears muffled sounds, finger tips have finger prints. Also with genitals the sex can be determined with ultrasound scan.

Week 24

Baby opens and shut eyes. Baby breathes the amniotic fluid though its lungs in and out. Baby gets protection for skin with skin getting covered in fine hair called lanugo and protected layer of waxy secretion called vernix.

Week 28

Baby seems proportionate with length and weight

Week 32

Head down position but is now mostly sleeping and have strong coordinated movements

Week 36

Development of lungs is rapid. Baby nestles itself in mother’s pelvis

Week 40

Ready to born
Childbirth-and-pregnancy helps you with pregnancy week by week, which helps you to be able to analyze the growth of your baby and to be prepared of what will be next too. Pre natal care is issued very important for proper growth of the baby and also this care will affect its life time of its health and mental wellbeing.

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