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Museum of Industry and Technology Warning Toyoda Toyota Capture

The air ahead of autumn in the city of Nagoya, Japan, reaching 10 degrees Celsius, cold enough for immigrants from the tropics, but it was warm because there is a spirit.
The spirit of the trip watching the local needs-based industry into a formidable global player, in the museum which is located at 1-3d Noritake Shinmachi 4-chome, Nishi-ku, Nagoya."Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology" or the memorial museum of industry and technology of Toyota, the name of the place itu.Sesuai its name suggests, the museum is a reminder of the long journey from the Toyota loom industry into world-class automotive companies, which not only leads the market in Indonesia, but also in some countries like the U.S. automakers and the Union Eropa.Museum seemed to keep the spirit of the founder of Toyota, which Sakichi Toyoda who dedicated his life to keep learning, do research, and develop creativity, to find a useful tool for human life . "Even since the age of 15 or 16 years I have always wanted to know what can I do to kemasyalatan mankind," said Sakichi findings in the journal.Strong desire to make goods that are beneficial to human life that was, that led him to become the inventor of the first automatic loom in the world. Mass-produced machine was the result of ongoing research to improve the performance of round looms (circular looms) in the playlist 1906.Mesin woven into one symbol of the rise of science and technology in Japan, because Japan in that era was known as a country that tends to duplicating technology from Western countries.
Sakichi show different technology-based discovery. If the machinery or tools developed Western countries at that time based on energy-intensive technologies such as the use of the steam engine made from raw coal, he creates technology-based power loom putar.Dari where Sakichi became famous and swivel loom - findings - became a symbol of Japan's ability and focus to make things efficient in energy use, even to play that now loom kini.Mesin there is only one of the world's only museum that became an icon of industry and technology, Toyota's warning. Machine is located in the middle of the front lobby, so anyone who comes will immediately see the results of the maestro Japanese textile machinery.
Main Pavilion
Museum of Industry and Technology Warning Toyota stood on an area of 41,600 square meters with building area of 27,100 meters.The building was dominated by two main pavilion pavilion textile machinery and automobiles, which is the focus of industrial development tilled Toyota.Pada textile pavilion, visitors will see the bottom of the spinning and weaving technology, and changes in technology, textile machinery from time to waktu.Di pavilion , a number of weaving machines and spinning machines - which are found Sakichi Toyoda - were displayed and demonstrated. The tools of tens years old that are still functioning well and laid out nicely and bersih.Tata good lighting also makes the museum does not feel haunted, even comfortable to be surrounded without feeling bored. Moreover, visitors can see first hand the production process from yarn and fabric spinning and weaving tools are the simplest to use the wood material being played, to the automatic machine made of steel-driven power listrik.Bagi urban communities who had never seen a spinning machine and weaving, will be an interesting experience, when a piece of cotton can simply be twisted into yarn, simply by connecting it to the machine spindle. Japanese white cotton, soft and lightweight it can study the change of technology dipegang.Puas spinning and weaving machinery industry, visitors are directed straight into the pavilion car Toyoda family tells the story of the early entry into the automotive industry, after successfully developing the textile machinery industry.
After Sakichi died on October 30, 1930, eldest son Kiichiro Toyoda textile machinery industry continued his father built and develop the automotive industry with home base engine technology mastery tekstil.Pada car pavilion, visitors are immediately confronted with the Toyoda duplicate first factory to make the A1 prototype passenger car , which is still hand-forged steel plate for automobile bodies itu.Keluarga Toyoda berpenumpang five people managed to make his first car in 1935 in the form of the G1 truck and in 1936 launched a passenger vehicle (sedan), the first AA that cost 3350 yen. Prices of Toyota's first sedan-cylinder 3389 cc is 400 yen cheaper than Ford and GM that debuted during itu.Bagi lovers of automotive and engine technology, the museum is a place of complete learning because visitors can see the development of technologies and models of cars produced by Toyota since 1935 until now.Visitors can reminisce with Toyota cars they once had, because at the pavilion car consisting of two floors tesebut exhibited various types of trucks and the old sedan like a product that was launched Toyota Corolla sedan that is phenomenal and the Crown, until the most sophisticated car hibrid.Museum own series not only presents two core businesses Toyoda family. Visitors can also see the center of the test material, either metal processing technology demonstration forging, casting, and cutting, and press machine 600 ton.Sarana play an educative also available, namely Teknoland which is where the kids play while learning the principles of machines and mechanisms. There was a giant lever, pedal-powered car man, standing against the wind, tunnel bersensor astray, and so on lain.Yang also interesting, the museum is equipped with various facilities that are rarely found in museums in Indonesia, such as parking and elevators for the disabled , lockers, and smoking areas, as well as automatic machine sellers minuman.Bahkan disabilities and preface, and visitors aged over 65 years, are entitled to free entrance fee. Yet for visitors subject to the general category admission 200 yen (about Rp20.000) to 500 yen (about 50,000) per person.
Learning Messages
End the trip around the museum is loaded with science and technology are marked with a demonstration of a robot that can play the flute. The robot is part of Toyota to show off the latest technological developments has. "There is no name, we call it the Toyota Partner Robot, a friend to man," said tour guide when asked the name of the robot. Toyota is Honda's competitors also have a robot that has been able to move like a small child is traveling around the museum Asimo.Dari appears to Sakichi Toyoda desire to continue to fuel the spirit of creation, to be down to the younger generation, especially in Japan, which more closely with advanced technology .
In a written manual entering the museum, "Museum of Toyota warning, we were founded with great hope for the younger generation as a determinant of the future can understand, though slightly, about important and interesting making of goods. In addition, conducting research and creation that is also important in the process manufacture of such goods. "The spirit of making things like the attention you want museums kindled at the young generation, not only in Japan, but also the world community. It was seen from a flyer about the museum guide who not only written in Japanese, but also English, and his invention Sakichi Toyoda Indonesia.Dalam journal wrote, "It is important to note that the invention is to take an idea and shape it in the form of tangible objects, then create something that has never existed before in the world. "

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