Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Justin Bieber Back Launches Cosmetic Products

                                                                                                                                                                                   His career in the music industry is relatively new for the rest of corn, but Justin Bieber had dared to try to do business outside the path of drag votes.After becoming a model of acne treatment products and launched its own color of her nail polish, now the singer of the song 'One Last Lonely Girl' is ready to promote fragrance products.
16-year-old teen idol is collaborating with Etoile Nation Beauty to create hand bracelets and dog tags that have been instilled in them unisex scented perfume. Justin was involved in the choice of fragrance."They (Etoile) I sent some sample perfumes to try. There is a fragrance too young, too fruity. But there's one very good," said Justin, as reported by Femalefirst.
Perfume fragrance with a combination of bergamot, lychee, musk and pomegranate. Perfume collection themed 'My World', taken from the name of Justin's debut album - will consist of four types; Icon, Energy, Tour and the Web that can be combined, in the mix 'n match and easy to carry anywhere.Beauty Nation Etoile President Michael Ferraar expressed optimism Justin Bieber perfume will sell well, because the famous singer via YouTube that is a major phenomenon in the music world and has millions of fans.

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