Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dolphins Pacific, Treasure in Palau

Miraculous Palau Island really save a lot of miracles. In addition to the line rock solid and this green, Palau had other surprises. It is a tourist area that name Dolphins Pacific on the island, precisely in the south of Ngeruktabel Island. Any visitors always say this place is like a treasure storage ...

True? Just imagine it, in this place we can swim, play and even joked with the dolphins are so docile, intelligent and entertaining ... The experience that we could not get in any other place on earth ... What a great experience ...
You could say none of us can not dream of the dolphin frolic with the friendly and docile. Not only that, this area also makes the surrounding natural splendor into a separate luxury of a wonderful experience together with the cute dolphins ..

How not fancy his name if we can interact with dolphins in the water clarity is also blue sky above it ... Not to mention that so natural its natural shade, away from all the interruptions and noise and bustle of city cleanliness in this place ... no question about it ... Even if There are scattered, it is just dead leaves are falling . 
Another fact, Dolphin Pacific known as the World's Largest Marine Mammal Interaction, educational & research facility ... Phew, definitely the existing facilities at this place standard International. Yup, that's right ... Here is a variety of programs with all the modern facilities and friendly environment .. Also equipped with experts who have experience in training of dolphins ...
Variety of activities available such as dolphin diving is diving with dolphin and enjoy underwater enchantment with him, dolphin free dive where the dolphin will follow us wherever we go diving or one day we allow the trainers who helped train the dolphins, feed and care for them in a few days which have been determined ..

But of all that, the most impressive is a class of close-encounter program, which will bring us to touch the dolphin for the first time, felt his heart rate or simply holding a fat belly .. Oh, funny ..
So, do you Want to feel how the Dolphins touch you deeply with Their cute smile and Their Eyes? Just come and enjoy all the privileges here ..

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