Monday, October 25, 2010

Hilux Being Favorites rebels

Until now the war is still happening in many countries. In addition to ammunition and weapons, is something of goods vehicles is considered vital to the guerrillas. But of the many cars that circulate in the world, the car what are the favorite car of the guerrillas?Apparently the car that became a favorite vehicle is the Toyota Hilux guerrillas. This car was used by many militants in various arenas of war because they are easily obtained.
"In Afghanistan in particular, (truck) is very respected," said David Kilcullen is a war expert who helped Gen. David Petraeus, the U.S. military commander in Afghanistan as quoted from NewsweekKilcullen then tells how many roam Hilux in Afghanistan to mobilize the guerrillas. And it was not just happening in Afghanistan alone."Toyota Hilux is everywhere," said Andrew Exum, who is a former Army Ranger and now helps the Center for a New American Security."This vehicle is equivalent to the AK-47. There are everywhere in every war. And in fact, recently, also used by the army. This is the opposite for Humvee," he added.Not only that, the Hilux was born in the decade 60s also flew under the influence of Toyota's strength in various parts of the world.The rebels who make this car as a favorite car spreads ranging from Somali pirates who used it when they are in Mogadishu, Pakistani militant, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon, Yemen to Iraq.Meanwhile, the Taliban leader, Mullah Omar reportedly more like the Chevrolet Suburban while Osama Bin Laden would prefer the older brother Hilux Land Cruiser to support its activities.Even in the 1980s when war broke out in Africa between Libya and Chad, this war can be regarded as the 'war of Toyota'. For vehicles used by both parties most is the Toyota Hilux.
Toyota according to Dr Alastair Finlan, which specializes in strategic studies at the University of Aberystwyth UK, said that this vehicle is a powerful weapon for insurgents.And will be a package that scary (when fitted) a (machine gun) caliber 50 that can easily penetrate body armor soldiers and light armored vehicles.According to the President of the Design Division of Toyota in California, Kevin Hunter, the Hilux was originally designed as 'a light truck with big tires on big wheels'. This car is intended as a recreational truck. This car also has a ground clearance really high, which means the Hilux is ideal for off-road.Hilux always built with the concept of 'body-on-frame'. "A construction of a rigid steel frame, and body mounted on it. That is more powerful than most modern cars, in which body and frame are one," he explained.

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