Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Four Months Pregnant Mariah Carey

Singer Mariah Carey reportedly was carrying her first child and age of its contents are the age of four months. This happy news has been busy in the Internet media reported recently.
Previously, chanter "Hero" has always denied the rumors about her pregnancy for months. According to the sources closest, Carey will confirm her pregnancy with an official statement within the next two weeks, along with promotion of the newest holiday album Merry Christmas II You.
No one makes Nick Cannon happier after learning of pregnancy Carey. Even recently Cannon told the media about Carey's attention to the abortion. "He was very attentive ... He will be the best mom," he said.

Justin Bieber Back Launches Cosmetic Products

                                                                                                                                                                                   His career in the music industry is relatively new for the rest of corn, but Justin Bieber had dared to try to do business outside the path of drag votes.After becoming a model of acne treatment products and launched its own color of her nail polish, now the singer of the song 'One Last Lonely Girl' is ready to promote fragrance products.
16-year-old teen idol is collaborating with Etoile Nation Beauty to create hand bracelets and dog tags that have been instilled in them unisex scented perfume. Justin was involved in the choice of fragrance."They (Etoile) I sent some sample perfumes to try. There is a fragrance too young, too fruity. But there's one very good," said Justin, as reported by Femalefirst.
Perfume fragrance with a combination of bergamot, lychee, musk and pomegranate. Perfume collection themed 'My World', taken from the name of Justin's debut album - will consist of four types; Icon, Energy, Tour and the Web that can be combined, in the mix 'n match and easy to carry anywhere.Beauty Nation Etoile President Michael Ferraar expressed optimism Justin Bieber perfume will sell well, because the famous singer via YouTube that is a major phenomenon in the music world and has millions of fans.

Monday, October 25, 2010

25 World's Largest Company

1. Wal-Mart Stores
Rank: 1 (Previous rank: 1)
CEO: H. Lee Scott Jr.
Employees: 2,055,000
Address: 702 S.W. Eighth St.
Bentonville, Arkansas 72716
Country: U.S.
Retaining its spot as the largest company in the world, the retail giant spent the last year making strides toward becoming friendlier to its workers and the environment. Long derided for the limited health-care packages offered to its employees, the company focused on expanding its options. As of January, 93.7% of Wal-Mart’s U.S. employees had some form of health care, up from 90.4% last year. On the sustainability front, the retailer sold 145 million energy-efficient light bulbs in 15 months and joined forces with the Clinton Climate Initiative. Some say it isn’t enough; a union-backed ad campaign by at the end of 2007 targeted the quality of the company’s imported products.

Vorax, Supercar From Brazil

Every state now seem to compete to create a super car. Once countries like Denmark and Mexico is now the country samba, Brazil is also not to be outdone and out supercar named Vorax.
The plan sports car released by Rossin-Bertin will be released at the auto show in Sao Paulo, Brazil soon and would promote the use of lighter materials.
The use of lightweight materials is the main attraction of Vorax. With a chassis made of aluminum and carbon fiber body, incarnates Vorax manjadi sports car with a very light weight.
Just imagine, Vorax chassis that support the body to be produced in Blumenau weighs only 220 kg only. "If

Hilux Being Favorites rebels

Until now the war is still happening in many countries. In addition to ammunition and weapons, is something of goods vehicles is considered vital to the guerrillas. But of the many cars that circulate in the world, the car what are the favorite car of the guerrillas?Apparently the car that became a favorite vehicle is the Toyota Hilux guerrillas. This car was used by many militants in various arenas of war because they are easily obtained.
"In Afghanistan in particular, (truck) is very respected," said David Kilcullen is a war expert who helped Gen. David Petraeus, the U.S. military commander in Afghanistan as quoted from NewsweekKilcullen then tells how many roam Hilux in Afghanistan to mobilize the guerrillas. And it was not just happening in Afghanistan alone."Toyota Hilux is everywhere," said Andrew Exum, who is a former Army Ranger and now helps the

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dolphins Pacific, Treasure in Palau

Miraculous Palau Island really save a lot of miracles. In addition to the line rock solid and this green, Palau had other surprises. It is a tourist area that name Dolphins Pacific on the island, precisely in the south of Ngeruktabel Island. Any visitors always say this place is like a treasure storage ...

True? Just imagine it, in this place we can swim, play and even joked with the dolphins are so docile, intelligent and entertaining ... The experience that we could not get in any other place on earth ... What a great experience ...
You could say none of us can not dream of the dolphin frolic with the friendly and docile. Not only that, this area also makes the surrounding natural splendor into a separate luxury of a wonderful experience together with the cute dolphins ..

How not fancy his name if we can interact with dolphins in the water clarity is also blue sky above it ... Not to mention that so natural its natural shade, away from all the interruptions and noise and bustle of city cleanliness in this place ... no question about it ... Even if There are scattered, it is just dead leaves are falling . 

'Little Obama' version of IPAD and iPhone Launched

The story of Barack Obama's childhood during his stay in Matraman In Jakarta to return to the U.S., launched in IPAD version and the iPhone in order to welcome the arrival of U.S. President Barack Obama to Indonesia in November.     

                                                                            "So if all this time, people who have access to Indonesia, now people abroad can have access from today. And this is done to enliven the arrival of President Barack Obama to Indonesia."
Launching of "Little Obama" in the version of the iPhone and iPad is done at primary school 01, Besuki, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Friday (15 October). The event was attended Obama's family in Jakarta, childhood friends and also the Head of School SDN 01 Besuki.